How to fill estimates with InfiXor
Quick operation

  • Customer Master Data

    Opening the section "Customer Master Data", you can insert a new customer or recall an existing one and edit the data or use it in order to fill a new estimate.

    No need to start the operations from the customer data, you can easily create an anonymous estimate, and assign a customer just before saving.

    At any time you can call up the personal data of any client and modify it without interfering with the creation of any estimate underway.

  • Filling estimates

    The main screen of the program is also the one where you can compose estimates/orders.

    Using the tabs at the top, you can select the list from which to draw the elements involved, then selecting "SERIES" and "MODEL", automatically will be populated all the submenus and the tables from which to choose the desired characteristics.
    Topping the list of all the elements of a given type, you can enter an editable preset description that summarizes the characteristics.

    If the customer is undecided between several options, or prefer to purchase some goods at different times, the program involves the use of variants or versions, which can be activated when calculating the final summary; thanks to this system, you can create estimates portions transformable in separate orders..

  • Current estimate

    By opening the "current estimate", you can view and manage all of the elements present in the summary currently loaded in memory.
    Each element can be changed individually at will.

    Below is the final summary with the ability to complete and modify some entries. Furthermore there is the possibility to enter a combination of editable preset phrases (eg. conditions and authorization to data processing).

    From here you access the estimate/orders saving page and print preview display (with print option).

  • Estimates management

    Opening the "Estimates Management" section you can search and load into memory the estimates that have been previously saved in the database or save the estimate currently in memory.

    Normally estimates/orders are listed in chronological order; it's however available a complete sorting and search mechanism based on various criteria.

    The program, leaning to the server, is able to centrally manage the sequential numbering of the estimates from the beginning of the year.

  • Print preview

    To download the sample estimate in PDF format click here.

Operation in a computer network
Client/Server configuration

The program has been designed to work in a "client/server" PC network, although it can work perfectly well as "stand alone" single PC isolated from the network.
In a "client/server" system, the central database contains all the data: the price lists, the customers, the historical archive of the estimates and orders.

From any computer within the network, you can access and edit any estimate.

Also the second program provided (the one for inserting and updating the data) is designed to work in a network and connect to the server from any computer station.

Main variants of the InfiXor program
Customizations on request

  • "LIGHT" version of InfiXor
    "Light" price for the most versatile program

    The LIGHT version of InfiXor has been created in order to include different kind of price lists, as grids, per square meter, linear meter , single piece and other (ref. insertion guide appendix no.1) to enter fixtures as windows, doors, armored doors and also different kind of products (floors, stairs ...).

    For special requirements, on request, it's possible to model and customize the program to use any type of price list or existing line.

    Also the LIGHT version of InfiXor includes "generic products" that allows insertion of elements, or groups of elements, unrelated to the preset price lists.

  • "EXTENDED" version of InfiXor
    The merging of the ADVANCED version and LIGHT version

    The ESTENDED version of the program is the integration between the Advanced and the Light versions of InfiXor.

    The EXTENDED version allows retailers who received officially InfiXor by a producer (Advanced version with the official price list of the producer), to use InfiXor at 360 degrees as the only estimates program for the end customer, by inserting themselves price lists of different products.

    This will immediately get a single and homogeneous estimate, supplied with sub-totals referred to different price lists or products, to be delivered directly to the end customer. All this, without having to manually prepare the estimate comprising for example doors from a producer, windows from a second producer and security doors from another manufacturer.

  • "ADVANCED" version of InfiXor
    From producers to retailers: double calculation to end customer and supplier

    The ADVANCED version of InfiXor program was created specifically for manufacturers who wish to give their resellers a tool to create estimates while saving time and reducing errors.
    The ADVANCED version of the program to be delivered to retailers, simultaneously performs a DOUBLE CALCULATION: one to the final customers with discounts and related conditions, and the second related to the supplier (manufacturer or distributor of fixtures) with its discounts and conditions, so to have immediately the sale and buying price of any product.

    A function of placing orders via the internet from dealers/agents to the manufacturer can be used: orders can be directly imported into the manufacturer's headquarters system, so to be managed (and modified if necessary).

For general information on InfiXor click here

InfiXor - demonstration videos
Short sample videos: tutorial and demonstration

For an instant example of InfiXor, you can watch some short videos (about three minutes each): it's simulated the filling of an estimate and the use of some advanced features..

To reach the video page click here

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How to fill estimates with InfiXor
Quick operation
Customer Master Data
Filling estimates
Current estimate
Estimates management
Print preview

Operation in a computer network
Client/Server configuration

Main variants of the InfiXor program
Personalizzazioni su richiesta
"LIGHT" version of InfiXor
"EXTENDED" version of InfiXor
"ADVANCED" version of InfiXor


InfiXor - demonstration videos
Short sample videos: tutorial and demonstration


Download the InfiXor leaflet in PDF format
The electronic version of the official flyer

Download a PDF example of an estimate created with InfiXor

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